House by the Lake

We are Christians from Krefeld and around who have experienced that Jesus Christ is alive today. To share our faith with other believers, we regularly meet in a transformed pub at Buschstraße 79 in Krefeld. You are welcome to visit our meetings (see below) and to enjoy the provided translation.

We are a mixed group of young and old, coming from different backgrounds, but we all are on our way of life. The Bible helps us to encourage each other and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As believers, we want to honour God and serve Him.

According to the New Testament, the union of all those who belong to Jesus Christ as their Saviour is called  “the church of God”. And by the Spirit of God, they all  have been bound together in a living unity which we also want to practise in our intercourses as every born again christian has received various gifts from God to support the assembly by using them.

The same faith unites us with all christians worldwide who proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ and who live accordingly. We are openminded for communion and co-operation with other faithful christian groups.

The Bible is the foundation for the organisation of the local assembly and for our faith. All duties in leadership, preaching, counselling etc. are done benevolently and free of charge. Our assembly is led by several brothers.

We do not belong to any church organization, but we do have contacts with faithful christian groups in Germany and abroad.


Regular Meetings


09.45 hrs – The Lord´s Table 11.00 hrs – Service (Worship, Sermon and Prayer)            


20.00 hrs – Bible-Study and Prayer  


Christliche Gemeinde im Haus am See Buschstraße 79 47800 Krefeld (Bockum)